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a proselyte's progress

The reading plan I'm working through has me in Exodus right now, and a week or two ago I was in Exodus 18.

I've read this passage before, but this most recent review made me think of it in a new way. The chapter begins with Jethro (Moses' father-in-law) and Moses' family reuniting with Moses (and the Israelites).

Moses testifies to Jethro about the things God has done (v. 8) and we see, what I believe, is Jethro's conversion!

Jethro believes in the one true God because his heart is convinced and then he confesses his faith (vv. 9-11). The next thing he does is praise and worship God with offerings and sacrifices (v. 12).

Shortly after that, Jethro gets involved in ministry (vv. 14-23). Then he returns to his homeland. I ASSUME he continued proclaiming the truth about the Lord from then on, and we know he was in community with those around him already!

I just thought this was a cool snapshot of the progression that happens in the lives of those who are saved by God. I know the order of things might come a little differently post-conversion, but many key elements are present: conversion, worship, community, service and proclamation!

If Exodus 18 had only included Jethro sitting down for a Bible study, we could package this system as "Jethro's Journey: What To Do Now That You're Saved!" Heh


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