"If hate were people, I'd be China."

- Phil Berquist
why freebirds pwns chipotle

pwn means own, right? maybe i should avoid gamer-speak.

anyway... many people believe you're either a freebirds person or a chipotle person. i am a freebirds person. here is why:

the "economical" evidence: i like to trick out my burrito with sour cream and guacamole (naturally). i do not like beans or rice on my burrito (may be in the minority there). at freebirds, when i do not partake of rice or beans, the sour cream and guacamole are subbed free of charge. i also sub queso for shredded cheese at no extra cost. this convenient and customer friendly system saves me the $1.75 extra that chipotle charges for guacamole. (even if it wasn't subbed it's only $.75 at freebirds)

the "options" evidence: at chipotle they offer a few ways to get your food (burrito, tacos, bowl (i think)). at freebirds they offer 4 or so different sizes of burrito in 4 different flavors of tortilla! they also offer tacos, quesadillas, bowls, nachos and salads. again, i like to trick out the burrito a little, so let's look at other options. chipotle offers a handful of salsas and lettuce. freebirds offers those, too. they also offer cilantro, onions (red or white), jalapenos, and roasted garlic... FOR FREE. after it's all built i like to squeeze fresh lime juice onto it. not an option at chipotle. they only offer lemons, and i think they're for your drinks. lame.

the "ambiance" evidence: chipotle looks like a starbucks for burrito lovers. the cold, yuppie flavor permeates the place. i'm just not feeling the wood and metal look with the chic aztec warrior on the wall. brushed metal, track lighting, yada yada yada. freebirds can come off a little pretentious with their "coolness", but i much prefer their laid-back, "who cares, i'm in college", blue collar aura to the ikea-latte-soccer mom haven that is chipotle.

the "customer service" evidence: the folks at freebirds are always pretty chill and personable. yes, they're all tatted and pierced (that might not be your thing), but they're good people. the staff (at our closest chipotle) are not quite as adept at speaking the english language as they could be, which leads to some communication issues. i understand that's a reality at many establishments, so i can handle it (just wanted to add it to my compare/contrast)... BUT the staff at our chipotle on sunday weren't even listening to me. i was pursuing the free rice 'n beans for guac substitution (which chipotle awarded me ONCE) and told the first lady "no rice or beans, i'm gonna sub them out." she said "ok" ... then asked "rice?" finally i get to the end of the assembly line and the last of the three builders asks "cheese?" ... "no" i say, AS SHE IS ALREADY PUTTING THE CHEESE ON MY BURRITO. k, guess i will then. then the whole substitution debacle played out... the manager finally informed me after two other people couldn't make the call. at freebirds, one person builds your burrito from start to finish and they ALL know the subbing policies.

if none of those things factor into your burrito eating, feel free to choose chipotle... i guess.


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Comments on "why freebirds pwns chipotle":
1. DaBomb - 02/17/2009 5:06 pm CST

i think i like Chipotle just a little more because I usually crave it more, but after reading this I want some Freebirds

2. Bird - 02/17/2009 5:51 pm CST

I think both of those places are glorified Taco Bell. If you want a real burrito, go to a taqueria.


3. Chad Aiken - 02/17/2009 5:52 pm CST

Yoo... I havent been to freebirds in a while... Probably becasue ill be disowned by all my friends if i did.. Tell austin that i said, "I hate chipotle and pink floyd. Oh and Volkswagons."

4. Conan - 02/17/2009 11:49 pm CST

Just freaking wait till I have the time to post a counter argument. You will delete your blog in shame. How could you Jeremy... how could you?

5. Conan - 02/17/2009 11:50 pm CST

Who is "Bird," and where can I find him/her?

6. Conan - 02/17/2009 11:50 pm CST

Ian, I will be praying for Christ to give you your salvation back, you leper.

7. Conan - 02/17/2009 11:57 pm CST

P.S. I stopped reading after the first sentence.

8. Conan - 02/18/2009 12:06 am CST

J.K. but, it was hard to read that.

9. Tiffany Lechinger - 02/18/2009 1:01 pm CST

I hear ya screamin', my friend! Freebirds all the way! Although, I do love me some Qdoba...don't think it exists in Texas. They let you make tortilla SOUP...you make it just like a burrito in a bowl, and then they add some sort of broth. DREAMY! I like to pretend that the broth drowns out all of the calories. I think I read that somewhere.

10. Conan - 02/18/2009 3:29 pm CST

I have heard of Qdoba... It's a northern thing... Texas. They actually just put one in around the Edwards Marqee Center chanch. You'll just be hurting yourself if you go there, though.

11. jeremy - 02/19/2009 10:38 am CST

tiff - i'm pretty sure i ate at a qdoba in seattle, but soup ain't my thang.

bird - i thought it went without saying that a nice slab of carne asada from just about anywhere else was far superior to these burrito joints. i was just picking sides in that debate.

conan - bird lives in waco. he's a he. he's my brother's best friend and he's not scared of you.

12. Bird - 02/19/2009 8:05 pm CST

I am slightly scared, just to clarify.

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