"If hate were people, I'd be China."

- Phil Berquist
i'll never say "never" again

when i graduated from college almost 9 years ago (wow), i thought i was done with formal education forever. even after getting into ministry people would ask me if i intended to go to seminary and i would say i didn't see a need for it. at the time, that was true. i've also rubbed finals, homework, quiz, tests, projects, etc. in students' faces for the past 9 years. "oh you have to study? guess what, i never have to do homework ever again! ha!" apparently, i spake too soon.

as i mentioned at the beginning of the year, i started very slowly but somewhat surely pursuing my M.Div. through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. i tested the waters this first semester with three whopping hours (yep, one class: new testament II) due to a variety of reasons. it was a little weird being in school again, but i did well as far as i can tell (i know all of my grades except the final, which i feel good about). my professor has kind of a tough reputation, too, so that's encouraging!

taking a class with another pastor on staff at my church sure helped. we were able to study together, instead of being left on an island with our notes. we spent a lot of time going over lists, purposes of letters, themes of chapters, etc. and our hard work paid off on the quizzes and exams. it was also cool learning things from the wisdom/experience of our professor, dr. woo, who is a pastor in alief at one of, if not, THE most culturally diverse churches around.* really enjoyed being in his class. i just hope i've retained a lot!

this fall i've registered for new testament I (with dr. woo, again!), systematic theology I, and biblical hermeneutics (with my senior pastor, dr. howell). our church is actually hosting classes which is awesome, so i'll be able to walk to school for hermeneutics!

i'm really hoping the jump from three hours to nine isn't too ridiculous, but at this rate, i'll be graduating in 2035! ha.

*btw: dr. woo has written a book about multi-racial ministry/church, due this august.


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Comments on "i'll never say "never" again":
1. Jeremy's Mom - 05/21/2009 9:41 am CDT

Very proud of you, Jeremy. But never say never. I said I'd NEVER live in Houston.;-)

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