"I won't accept its crappiness just 'cuz it's art."

- Austin Perry "Conan" O'neal
farewell, ken ober

ken ober

ken ober died over the weekend.

even though my brother (the only person, i'd guess, who reads this AND knows who ken was) probably already knew of ken's passing, i decided to mention it.

he hosted remote control on mtv back in the day. great pop culture game show that helped launch guys like adam sandler and colin quinn.

(oh, bird probably knew of ken, too.)


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Comments on "farewell, ken ober":
1. Jared - 11/18/2009 4:50 pm CST

Yeah, I saw that. Sad. I really loved that show, and every now and then would look it up on YouTube to reminisce.

I also fondly remember Kevin Seal (remember "Sportin' Fool"?).

That was a different time, eh? Even when MTV was frat-party-esque, it had some smarts to it.

2. Bird - 11/21/2009 9:16 am CST

I remember the dude, though I couldn't have told you his name before you posted this.

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