"You just broke my bro's arm. Now you're gonna get tasered. Say hello to Dr. Watts!"

- Cal Naughton, Jr.
two down, several more to go

yesterday marked the end of my second semester of seminary and i've now accumulated one semester's worth of hours! ha

it's a little weird being a student again, i must say. and as i think i've mentioned before, i used to say "i never have to ______ again" with reference to studying for exams/quizzes/etc. , doing homework, papers and the like. famous last words, of course.

in a couple of my classes there were guys graduating this semester. kudos to them. i can't even imagine being that close to finishing.

"one [semester] at a time, sweet Jesus"


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Comments on "two down, several more to go":
1. leslie - 12/09/2009 1:35 pm CST

I said those exact words to someone the other day: I thought I was done with exams and finals. But... never say never. I have taken 3 finals so far with one more on Friday. Yikes!! I'm ready for a break already. Hope your semester went well. Who would have thought... after 10 years, we are back in the same town, still friends and both in school again. Crazy.

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