Comments on "why i hate soup":
1. Mom - 01/11/2011 6:25 pm CST

Ha! I made Baked Potato Soup tonight and was afraid your Dad wouldn't eat it because it was so thick (looked like a big pot of country gravy). He liked it (had two bowls) so I guess it wasn't too bad. ;-)

2. kevo - 01/11/2011 8:03 pm CST

Bahaha I like the disclaimer there at the end. I was about to mention you getting soup at the OG on sunday :)

3. leeprz - 01/11/2011 8:36 pm CST

hilarious!!! The zuppa toscana (or zuppazuppa for fun!) is very tasty, I would agree. On the contrary, I find creamy tomato soup to be warm tomato juice with oil. And actually a delicious juice with oil at that!!

4. Danielle - 01/12/2011 1:54 pm CST

You are totally missing out!

For my birthday, I want you to make me soup... and eat it with me.

5. Molly - 01/14/2011 5:09 pm CST

I would agree that there are several things about soup that turn me off. But I have found that I either want soup to be REALLY chunky and basically not soup at all, or straight-up broth soup (like Ramen noodles, with a LOT of water and not all the chicken flavor). The in-between business reminds me of baby food. Blech. For me, it's the texture of the soup that's important. Generally speaking, I will not go for the soup.

6. Riley - 01/31/2011 5:26 pm CST

dude, totes unhaps. dude, soup is the best thing ever. It's like hot, melted lovepotion. in SO MANY FLAVORS.

7. Hanna - 03/08/2012 11:39 am CST

I hate soup too! In fact, I wrote a 915 word essay about my hatred for it. Right on!

8. Hoyo - 12/17/2013 2:10 pm CST

Yeah, I agree. I like everything - absolutely all food - except soup. I hate even hearing the word soup.But if I have to eat it, I would only eat the solid stuff.:shrug:

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