Comments on "good, clean fun ain't cuttin' it":
1. Chase - 05/23/2011 1:47 pm CDT

I appreciate this post a lot. I have worked in campus ministry for almost six years and like to pose this question of my students:

When you hang out with your Christian friends, is there any difference from the world's fellowship except that you drink and cuss less?

Thanks for also pointing out the need for multi-generational fellowship. Its value cannot be over-pronounced.

2. Chad Gray - 05/23/2011 2:32 pm CDT

Well said. Thanks for sharing. One thing I believe a lot of Christians forget is that fellowship is a natural byproduct that occurs when we gather for worship, prayer, Bible study, etc. But, like you said, that's not to say it's wrong to gather just for the sake of hanging out now and then.

3. Bill - 05/23/2011 4:28 pm CDT

Great post Jer. Thanks

4. Steven Wright - 06/12/2011 10:22 am CDT

interesting, in 2006 when i'd make posts like this you quelled questions and answers, you pushed me into conformity. when i dropped out of highschool to study at l'abri years later, you chastized me and you and Chris (overseers as you were, given the responsibility and duty to instruct me in teachings and love of the lord) totally rejected me (moved me from purple to some other less beautiful color on your wonderful concentric circle of 'church involvement').

Now 5 years later you are doing... what I was doing when I was 17 but you chastized me for? how am I supposed to respect you jeremy? do you think when I setup my ministry in austin I'll really want people like you teaching my kids?

5. Steven Wright - 06/12/2011 12:13 pm CDT

here is a good example of something you would of hated me for in 2005

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