Comments on "Six Months of Marriage":
1. Danielle - 09/27/2012 2:19 pm CDT

Oops, I saw this a day late :/

Love this list though! You da best, babe.

2. Mom - 09/27/2012 6:52 pm CDT

Congrats to you both! Your list made me smile, I'm glad you get to experience the "joys" of married life. And Danielle is perfect for you. ;-)

3. Molly - 09/29/2012 1:46 pm CDT

Love this!! I agree whole-heartedly with all of them (well, the paint one doesn't really apply to us) but especially number 4 (about the plans - that was one of the hardest things for Joey to adjust to because he also had lived by myself for a long time) and 8 (the one about birthdays).

We have GOT to get together as couples! ;)

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