Comments on "What Does It Mean (To You)?":
1. Bill - 05/31/2014 4:04 pm CDT

Heh - I never know why certain of our worship leaders wanted to say "TO the hill" - the original song is "Who may ascend the hill of the Lord" :-)

I'm a big fan of clear teaching within worship songs, while also allowing for artistic turns of phrases that convey truth.

2. Biz Gainey - 06/26/2014 9:17 am CDT

Just stumbled on to this while researching the song.

Excellent Post. Thanks for sharing and thanks for 'over thinking' it. You reflections are meaningful. I am going to forward this onto my buddy who helps us lead worship on Sunday's! He has us slated to sing this particular song. I know he will love having this as a resource!

Grace and Peace

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