"Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

- Robocop
word up

confession: i like words. i like phraseology. i've probably blogged on such things before, but if i've forgotten about it, chances are you all have, too!

i focus on words maybe too much sometimes. for instance, if a person is giving a really heartfelt speech or delivering an impassioned sermon or something and speaks incorrectly, i'll get hung up on the mistake. i often miss the impact that others experience because of my focus. that's how i roll. it can be a detriment, to be sure.

on the other hand, i can often appreciate things that others miss because of my word-centric determination. once when talking to a friend about movies and what we liked about them, she opined about the way they made her feel with general appreciation for the mood or something (can you tell this is a foreign concept to me) while i explained that i appreciate the writing that goes on a page before an actor even delivers it.

obviously, delivery and music have a lot to do with the power of a quote in the context of a song or show or movie. so, props to those who frame the words so effectively.

and undoubtedly, the most memorable lines from our favorite movies, shows and songs are the blending of great writing and great delivery. guess i just don't want anyone to overlook the brain that thought them up in the first place. it's just like running backs get all the glory while their opportunities come from a thankless offensive line. tracking with me?

to craft statements that actually evoke response, whether it's laughter, inspiration, encouragement, contemplation or simply instruction, is a really great thing, i think.

consider the power that God has associated with words. He spoke creation into being. He didn't have to. but He did. His two greatest and fullest revelations to humanity are Jesus (called the Word) and the Bible (the written Word). faith unto salvation comes from hearing the word of Christ (romans 10:17)!

i'm not trying to condone my grammar-nazism as biblical ; ) just trying to put some insight into the value of words! i also understand we're not all created to be wordsmiths and that there is definitely value in emotion/feeling apart from syntax (as alien as it may be to me!). and, yes, i realize that my lack of capitalization is contradictory to my entire post. i was an art minor, for goodness sake, allow me SOME creative license!

AND, don't get me wrong. i'm no scrabble champ... but i DID win the 3rd grade spelling bee...

so here's to words! go do a crossword puzzle or something.

better yet, leave some of your favorite quotes, lines, lyrics, etc. in the comments section!


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1. Mom - 10/17/2010 6:52 pm CDT

Okay. "Alligators in the sewer". :-D

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