"Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

- Robocop
i'm different, just like everyone else

inspired by a segment on the dan patrick show called "against the grain," i thought i'd share some of my sentiments that i THINK fly in the face of the general consensus.

-i don't like lemon in my water.
if i wanted flavor, i wouldn't be drinking WATER. not to mention the pulp and seeds dirtying things up.

-i don't like glee.
i recently affirmed a facebook post where the author said they didn't like glee because the songs are worse than the originals and the show is "totes inapprops" (totally inappropriate, mom.) i didn't expound on my distaste there, but i will here. i don't have a problem with someone not liking glee because it's "inappropriate," but i realize most shows on tv could be avoided and labeled as such. so, i don't cast the first stone on those grounds. my beef with glee is that it is inappropriate and markets to young audiences like a wolf in sheep's clothing. it pushes the tolerance of sin but masks it as love for people. it's like a machine of desensitization. i also REALLY have a problem with story lines that urge you to root against marriages, even "bad" ones. just really rub me the wrong way. we all have our soapboxes, that's one of mine.

-i prefer grey, overcast days to clear, sunny ones.
basically because they're more visually interesting/appealing. also because they're usually cooler, temperature wise!

-i'd rather walk to/from my car in the rain than run.
this stems from a fear that i'm more likely to eat it while running, so i'd rather get soaked than risk making a big fool of myself.

-i prefer old school, wooden pencils to mechanical ones.
not a lot of justification here... i don't like the clicking, the graphite breaking, the cheap plastic feel... all seems weak and too synthetic to me.

so, there!


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Comments on "i'm different, just like everyone else":
1. Mom - 10/20/2010 6:51 pm CDT

Thanks, I thought maybe it was like carrying a white purse with black shoes or something. :-D

2. Danielle - 10/22/2010 9:12 am CDT

We. Are. So. Different.

I literally disagree with every single one of those. Ha. To each his own ;)

3. Mom - 10/22/2010 9:57 am CDT


4. salguod - 10/24/2010 5:10 pm CDT

If you lived up here in Ohio where everything's dull brown from November to April and it's gray and overcast for 2-3 solid months, you wouldn't feel such love for an overcast day. :-D

5. Thank you. - 07/09/2011 3:02 pm CDT

I agree with the glee statement. A lot of recent "teen t.v." shows have been doing that lately.

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