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- Robocop
mini like list 10.21.10 (HEB edition)

i didn't plan on writing a like list but my recent trip to HEB demands one!

so here's my "why i love HEB" mini like list:

-they have see-through egg cartons so you don't have to open them to find out if any eggs are broken.

-blue bell's caramel sundae crunch is BAAAACK! it's been so long. (i realize this is not necessarily a reason to love HEB, but just go with it.)

-they have a coupon for a free box of HEB frosted flakes when you buy a box of kellogg's frosted flakes. hello? this deal is awesome, especially considering i was gonna buy a box of HEB frosted flakes straight up. suckers.

-it's from texas.

-no silly card to swipe. just lower prices. i think. i don't really compare!


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Comments on "mini like list 10.21.10 (HEB edition)":
1. Zach - 10/21/2010 5:41 pm CDT

Agreed. HEB is seriously the best grocery store ever.

-Their off brand stuff is cheap AND good.

-They have my favorite coffee creamer ever. (plus just about every kind of coffee ever.)

-They have those places where the lady is talking and gives you delicious food samples that she is making in front of you.

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