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What About Schaub?

So, for something completely different on the Wilsonian Institute, here is my first ever sports post. (I even had to create the "sports" category for this entry.)

Just a my two cents on Matt Schaub and the recent/renewed outcry from Houston Texans fans to get rid of him. I don't usually write or post much about sports because a) there are PLENTY of people already doing it better than I would and b) I'm not really interested in an ongoing discussion on such matters.

Regardless, the Institute needed something other than a pregnancy update to keep our diverse readership engaged, ha!

Let me start by stating my agreement that Schaub is a (possibly THE) key factor in holding Houston back from the next level. But as Stephen A. Smith would say, "HOWevah..." I don't think cutting him is the answer. Because where do you go from there?

To "upgrade" from Schaub, we need an elite QB, in my opinion. And we're not in line to get one. Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Brady... they are not coming to Houston. Who is on the next available tier that's good enough to outshine Schaub? No one as I see it.

I think Schaub is on par with Romo, Rivers, Ryan, etc. At the very least I think the difference is pretty negligible. So unless Houston can lure one of the young prodigies like Wilson or Luck away from their teams (not happening), we just need to be on the lookout for the NEXT Wilson coming up (undervalued future superstar) or figure out how to get Schaub to flip the switch that Joe Flacco and Eli Manning have found when big games roll around.

We're in the unfortunate spot of being so good that we're not getting top draft picks but not good enough to win it all. So, Schaub finding his "big game groove" is the most realistic solution as I see it.

There you have it, sports fans. It's just that simple.


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1. Karen W - 09/30/2013 9:15 pm CDT

Manziel? ;-)

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