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- Phil Berquist
Deacon: 5 Month Update

Roughly 18 lbs.

27 in.

Clothing Size:
Still in his 6 month clothes for the most part. Unless he hits a major growth spurt, we should still be in those for another month or so!

Buster, Bubba, Stinker and Wittle Baby Deacon (this one is primarily used when we're trying to convince him to snuggle).

He has been doing so much better at sleeping through the night! I'm hoping the past two weeks are a sign that we've turned a corner here, because he has been sleeping like a champ pretty much every night.

We have officially started solids! Right now homeboy is eating sweet potatoes and peas, in addition to his regular breastmilk.

Being tossed up in the air, tummy time, getting tickled/smooch-attacked and being outside.

Missing naps.

Starting solids was a big one for us this past month! Other than that he is working on sitting up on his own and he is starting to scoot and move around a lot more!

Best Moment:
On Mother's Day we had a Parent/Child Commitment at our church, which was pretty special. I'm so thankful for our church family and the way they support and encourage parents to raise their children in Truth and Love. That will definitely be a moment I treasure in the years to come!

Worst Moment:
Even though Deacon has been doing better at nights, he still had a rough night the other night where he woke up every 2.5-3 hours. I was EXHAUSTED by the end of it. But I'm hoping that just means he's growing again!

Other Tidbits:
- Those pesky teeth have still not made their debut even though Deacon has been gnawing everything to death for over a month now!
- Deacon has started sleeping with his tushy in the air pretty consistently and it is majorly cute.
- Even though he made a face the first time he tried peas, he still hasn't refused any of the foods we've given him! I'm hoping this means he'll take after me and love ALL food, but it's a little early yet :wink:


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