"If hate were people, I'd be China."

- Phil Berquist
rousing rendition

apparently it's a chicago tradition to cheer/yell DURING the national anthem. i like the result. some may find it disrespectful, but i think it's stirring. heard an armed forces member agree. (i realize that's not universal approval.) anyway, without further ado:


why i hate soup

i'm anti soup (for the most part*). here's why:

-soup is more liquid than solid. this is not sufficient. there are verses about this in the Bible: Hebrews 5:13-14

-i don't know how to eat it. i feel like i can't eat soup without spilling it on the table or my chin, etc. maybe i need to try smaller spoons? it's frustrating.

-soup leads to evil: Genesis 25:29-34

-soups try to deceive you by including words like "steak" ... "taco" ... "tortilla" in their descriptions. don't fall for it. it's still soup.

-soup usually consists mainly of "broth." G-to-the-ross.

-i'll throw down some hot & sour if it comes with a chinese lunch special (as it often does).
-i like chili and gumbo and do not consider these "soups."
-i like olive garden's "zuppa toscana" ... again, as a meal supplement.